#Informe: Digital Vortex 2017 - Life in the Digital Vortex @IMD_Bschool

A peripheral concern for most firms in 2015, digital disruption now impacts half of companies globally - and has become a top-of-mind issue at the board level.
Our latest research uncovered these and many other important insights about how the state of disruption across industries has changed since 2015. This new study from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center), an IMD and Cisco initiative, draws on survey data from hundreds of executives, along with quantitative data, such as where venture capitalists are placing their bets.

The results show large differences among industries in how they are experiencing the effects of disruption in the “Digital Vortex.”

The Digital Vortex represents the inevitable movement of industries toward a digital center in which business models and value chains are digitized to the maximum extent.

The force of the vortex separates physical and digital sources of value, yielding “components” that can be readily combined to create new disruptions and blur the lines between industries.

Industries closest to the center of the Vortex face the most substantial disruption, while those around the edges feel less immediate impact. As a group, all industries have moved closer to the center, where the velocity and magnitude of change are the highest; no industry has retreated in the Vortex (i.e., experienced less disruption).

Full article: https://www.imd.org/dbt/insights/digitalvortex/

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