Video Testimonials from #ExOWorld April 2020 @OpenEXO - You can access all the recordings

This video contains Some videos from participants of the ExO World Summit. Thanks to all who attended! It was great.

From April 14-16 2020 we ran the first ExO World Summit. And we had amazing impact. We now want to take that impact to the world. To your school, your city, your special interest group, your organization, country and more. We recomend you watch this video from Salim Ismail and if you are interested click the button


ExO World happened from the 14th to 16th of April and was a mix of live central-stage presentations and panel discussions with numerous topical and localized breakout sessions and workshops taking place over a 60-hour period. This was a collaborative event where we saw tangible outcomes. Attendees not only received knowledge but tools to transform the world for a better future!

ExO World Summit April 2020 All Access

You can access all the recordings from the ExO World Summit that took place from 14-16 April 2020. Right here. There are hours of content for you to watch as together we transform the world for a better future!

What People Are Saying:

“This pioneering, unique and truly inspiring event occurred perfectly at this time in our evolution. A real global catalyst. It was done with great taste, humility and authenticity. It managed to capture the best of the best of who todays global citizen now is and can become when we all work together, without ego, for the global good.” Julie Hamilton

“This Exo World virtual gathering was more intense, up-close and personal than any convention I attended. The profound inspiration in time of global crisis, the wide range of specific high-level content, and the intimate dynamic moderation of Salim made it a groundbreaking event. We shared personal conversations with the speakers, co-created collaboratively together on global challenges, and networked with a depth of openness and joy generating a true community feeling. This experience should be exponentially shared !” Yan-Erik Decorde

“I think it was the most rewarding summit I’ve attended to. Ability to network with more people than in a physical summit and the pace of knowledge sharing was mesmerizing. I also felt that people were more available and compassionate than in physical summits. Thank you.” Patricia Milheiro

“An abundance of information, an aligned community, an opportunity to have a voice in creating a better world - all this and more was experienced at the ExO World Summit. It was great. ” Christina Gerakiteys

“What an the midst of a worldwide pandemic with everyone on lockdown the summit organizers managed to pull off one of the best online events of the year. Concurrently pursuing my ExO Consultant certification during the same month made the value and takeaways of this epic event even more sustaining.” Eric Patel

“I have absolutely no hesitation in saying this was a game-changing event, not simply for the mind-blowing content, agenda and format but also the platform, deep connections even though virtual. I’m so grateful for the endless ingenuity and generosity demonstrated by the entire OpenExO team throughout the event modelling the values of this amazing global community.” Jabeen Quadir

“It was a great three days, great content a completely new experience.” G. Vijaya Raghavan

“I've attended conferences, summits and innovation accelerators in Africa, US, Latin America and Europe - none have matched the intimacy and speed of content and knowledge nor variety of business/insights/healing/music / exponential change/science/FUN and consciousness to this level. This is the new gold standard for digital global summits - period.” Alistair Hofert

“The ExO World Summit was an eye-opener for me especially the biotechnology, neuroscience and sci-fi sessions. I'm looking forward to the coming session as well as invite more people to attend and participate also.” Mashudu Thavhakhulu

“ExO is an impassioning group that instrumentally enhances entrepreneurial chains for collaborating across a global network of diverse experts.” Khalil Mirza

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