@BluePatagon Tableau Announces Two New Data Prep And Subscription Offering Products

Tableau, one of the pioneers in visual analytics for business intelligence recently made two important announcements — the global launch of new data preparation product ‘Tableau Prep’ and their new subscription offering which will scale up the analytics capabilities in an organisation.

Tableau Expands Platform With Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep, a brand new data preparation product by the company is designed to empower people to quickly and confidently combine, shape and clean their data, and then create insights. It would enable customers get a deeper understanding of data, allowing smart features to automate complex task and integrate with the Tableau analytical workflow for faster speed to insight.
“Before Tableau Prep our team would spend hours making sure that our data sources were clean and organised,” said Gessica Briggs-Sullivan, Tableau administrator at Charles Schwab, Inc. “We’ve been able to save hours of work with Tableau Prep, completely reinventing the way we look at our data, and dramatically shortening the time between data collection and actionable insights.”
Data preparation is one of the biggest challenges faced by the customers, making it a time consuming process. With Tableau Prep’s smart algorithms, users can automate common data prep challenges quite efficiently. Customers can open their flow in Tableau Desktop at any time, or easily share it with Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
How Can Customers Avail It?
Tableau Prep is included with the new Creator offering, part of Tableau’s new tailored subscription offerings. Existing customers of Tableau Desktop can also use Tableau Prepat no charge for the next two years.

Tableau Introduces New Subscription Offerings To Help Enterprises Put Data Into Everyone’s Hands

Tableau also introduced new offerings that combine new and existing analytical capabilities into packages, appropriate for everyone across an organisation, regardless of skill level. With this, organisations can now have Tableau’s best-in-class analytics platform to achieve a critical objective — enabling the data-driven enterprise by putting the data in the hands of everyone.
This would allow customers to create appropriate mix of analytics capabilities to meet the specific needs of their entire organisation. From consuming data and performing ad-hoc analysis from curated data sources, to preparing and developing advanced analysis, the new price offerings cover a wide breadth of powerful capabilities. Customers can choose to work on-premises or in the cloud.
“With the unprecedented and accelerating growth of data that customers are experiencing, the need to see and understand data is more important than ever before. Professional analysts, teachers, doctors, project managers, marketers, sellers, developers, factory line workers, recruiters – everyone needs data to make better decisions. Organisations are facing the urgent need to empower their entire workforce to help drive more revenue, reduce costs, provide better service, increase productivity, discover the next scientific breakthrough and even save lives,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO at Tableau. “Our new offerings will help entire organisations make analytics ubiquitous, enabling them to tailor the capabilities required for every employee.”
Tableau’s new tailored offerings are designed to deliver more value than ever before, leading with Tableau Creator, which gives full analytics capabilities to analysts and power users. It will also help people uncover insights faster by combining a suite of products for visual and direct data prep and secure collaboration to support their end-to-end analytics workflow.

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