A brief comparison from AngularJs to ReactJs @QuadionTech

Note: The following post assumes at least a basic knowledge of AngularJs and ReactJs.
In Quadion we love to try new technologies. And in my particular case, after being an AngularJs developer for almost 5 years, trying ReactJs looked like an exciting experience. Although in 2017/2018 both frameworks are considered as the top frameworks for frontend (together with vue.js), they are somewhat different. The former is a complete framework which lets you build entire pages with the structure they provide, while the latter is just a library that does one thing (building components, more on that later), but really well.
Even though AngularJs had its moment, the older versions (1.x) are slowly being left behind in terms of interest. And that's understandable, because the Google team is putting their efforts in newer versions.

AngularJs has been proven to be a reliable framework to build powerful apps, offering lots of advanced features. However, Google is putting all of its effort into Angular (don't confuse it with AngularJs — Angular refers to version 2 and above) which might be difficult to migrate to (although paths to do soexist).
Even though I had enjoyed a lot working with such a great framework, I felt that the new member in the neighborhood had lots to offer, so we decided to give it a try.

ReactJs is the current emerging technology. But it is not just "a trend": it has arrived to stay. Backed by Facebook, it has an amazing community, growing at high speed. We know the lifecyle of javascript frameworks is brutal, so it was natural to wonder ourselves: Does it worth to learn a new framework/library ? Should we wait until the community is more developed ? What will be the cost of shifting our minds from the "AngularJs paradigm" to the "ReactJs paradigm" ? Should we continue with the newest Angular versions, instead of trying ReactJs ?

Given the increasing tendency of ReactJs, these doubts were natural. And it turned out that our background in Angular helped us a lot to make the transition smoother. It was just a matter of adapting some key concepts, and we were ready to go! Understanding their similarities (and differences) helped us to start new projects in ReactJs.

This is a small comparison which I believe it might help AngularJs developers understand what's behind ReactJs and its features.

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