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Data Science Central Weekly Digest

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.

Featured Resources and Technical Contributions

·     Interesting Problem: Self-correcting or Controlled Random Walks + (Updated)

·     Recursive (not recurrent!) Neural Nets in TensorFlow 

·     A simple neural network with Python and Keras 

·     Bridging the Skills Gap of New York City - A Case Study using Tableau and MySQL 

·     Some Variational Image Processing - Poisson Image Editing and its applications in Python 

·     Free Book: Probability and Statistics Cookbook 

·     9 Off-the-beaten-path Statistical Science Topics with Interesting Applications 

·     An Introduction to Clustering and different methods of clustering 

·     Deep Learning: Theano Obituary 

·     Question: Column input doesn't match column schema 

Featured Articles

·     Some Thoughts on Mid-Career Switching Into Data Science 

·     Behavioural Biometrics, IoT and AI 

·     DevOps Pipeline for a Machine Learning Project 

·     Harnessing Machine Learning in Payments 

·     Here is How Big Data is changing the Oil Industry 

·     Big Data Analytics & Data Science Use Cases 

·     Data Migrations – Top 7 Pitfalls to avoid 

·     Outliers: What is Return Period? 

·     Data Science of Digital Payments 

Picture of the Week

Source for picture: contribution marked with a +

Featured Jobs - [View All] - [Find a Job]

·     HR Data Analytics Advisor - FedEx Express

·     Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Discipline – Technology Management - Columbia University School of Professional Studies

·     Digital Analyst - Sainsbury's

·     Senior Data Analyst - American Medical Association (AMA)

·     Lecturer in Discipline Positions Starting Fall 2018 - Columbia University School of Professional Studies

·     Global Leader, Data Science and Analytics - DuPont Pioneer

·     Senior Data Scientist (Full Relocation Offered) - Booking.com

·     Data Scientist Lead - Quantitative Analytics - Wells Fargo

·     Data Quality Analyst - Sainsbury's

·     Sr. Data Scientist - BOLD NA LLC

·     Marketing Performance Analyst - The Ad Council

·     Financial Data Release Specialist/Technology Analyst - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

·     Senior Data Scientist - Ameren

·     Digital Analytics Lead - Sainsbury's


Upcoming Webinars

·     Apache Spark and Agile Model Development

·     Data Literacy – Bridging the Gap

·     Building Better Maps with Data and Data Viz

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·     Transform Your Business Insights with Streaming Analytics (Whitepaper)

·     Scaling Data Science With An Optimized Spark Platform

·     Earn Your Data Science Master's in a Year

·     Data Science 101: Make Machine Learning Work

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·     DataSciCon.Tech - Data Science Conference Nov 30-Dec 1, 2017 Atlanta

·     Join data scientists from around the globe October 9-12 (Tableau)

·     Analytics: How to win with Intelligence (eBook)

·     Study Data Science (MS degree) at Maharishi University of Management

·     Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity NY

·     Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications

·     Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Bootcamp with Job placement NYC

·     Inside Data Science Conference MONTEREY

·     NEM Solutions DATA CHALLENGE Donostia

·     Big Data LDN 2017 London

·     Mining Your Own Business (eBook)

·     Online SAP FICO Training New York

·     Advancing the Analytics-Driven Organization [ Live Online, Sept | Wash-DC, Oct ]

·     eMetrics Summit: Digital Analytics and AL/ML in Marketing New York City



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