@Gartner_inc Top Ten CIO Resolutions to Drive Success 2016

CIO have to reshape your influence, resources and IT organization by committing to these actions in 2016.

1. Take a board member out to breakfast
2. Power map your leadership network
3. Link to your CEO and board’s top metrics
4. Revisit your CMO relationship
5. Develop a business sacrifice list and divest a system every quarter
6. Develop a techquisitions list
7. Exploit crowdsourcing more widely
8. Deliberately cross an organizational boundary line
9. Shift your IT thinking from “how, and what skills,” to “why, and which competencies”
10. Write three to five digital behavior maxims and make them wallpaper

The full article: http://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/ten-cio-new-years-resolutions/

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