NSConf Argentina 2018: Introduction to TDD using Quick & Nimble @QuadionTech @jlanatta

Last fall (on the southern hemisphere) I was invited as a speaker at NSConfArg, the Argentinean iOS and MacOS developers’ conference.

If there is a subject I like to talk about is TDD. I’ve been using it for years now and I use every chance I get to introduce it to other developers.

By that time, the project I was working on was on Ruby on Rails (AKA TDD heaven), but I felt it would be easy to update my regular TDD presentation to match the change in language. I just needed something like rspec for Swift.

Enter Quick & Nimble. These two frameworks allow us to create and maintain tests smothly, they are really well documented and easy to extend. In the following presentation I describe how to use TDD and how Quick & Nimble help us write cleaner and better code than regular XCTest.

Here’s the video of the presentation:

The presentation slides can be downloaded here. Also check the rest of this and past editions at the conference’s website.

About the NSConf Argentina: NSConf Argentina is a conference of technical talks in Spanish for iOS and Mac developers.

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