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CISOs are inundated with information. It’s time-consuming to sift through all of it and difficult to remain on top of the latest security trends and threat vectors.
Transformation of the role of the CISO complicates matters. Days when CISOs were tasked with security technology delivery are past. Organizations understand the importance security plays in shaping brand awareness and in enabling business initiatives. As a result, CISOs are viewed as business champions versus technology leaders, asked to build security programs that reflect organizational risk tolerance and enable—versus inhibit—digital transformation initiatives such as cloud adoption, big data, mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT). The reporting structure for many CISOs is changing, with many now reporting to the COO, CEO, and even boards of directors.
Enter The CISO Collective, a Collective Content Experience
Seeking to streamline how CISOs consume content to remain abreast of the latest changes in the threat landscape, the latest developments in security technologies, and new business strategies, Fortinet built The CISO Collective. An online content hub and mobile app, The CISO Collective curates content from hundreds of online publishers. The content is organized in categories that map to the role of the CISO, enabling visitors to quickly and easily find and consume the content that interests them. The CISO Collective editorial team, comprised of award-winning journalists, provides commentary on the curated articles, research reports, and videos as well as researches and writes their own articles on topics related to the CISO.
Recognizing CISOs are always on the go and the fact that our personal and professional lives are intertwined, Fortinet designed and built a mobile app—covering both iOS and Android devices—for The CISO Collective. Thus, rather than going to The CISO Collective website, CISOs have the option to download the mobile app and consume content directly from their smartphones. The mobile app is fully organic (versus an HTML5 app), delivering the functionality and speed CISOs expect—and demand—when they use a mobile app. Designed and built by Robosoft, AWS’s Mobile App Developer of the Year in 2017, The CISO Collective app allows CISOs to simply tap and swipe when consuming articles, research reports, and videos.
Designed for the CISO
Unlike other content thought leadership hubs, The CISO Collective targets a specific audience—the CISO. Thus, CISOs don’t need to sift through extraneous content to get to the content that matters to them. Everything in The CISO Collective is relelvant to the CISO.
For ease of use and to help CISOs find what interests them, The CISO Collective navigation is broken into five sections:
·      Strategy
·      Operations
·      Emerging Trends
·      Compliance and Governance
·      Training and Development
Only live for about two months, The CISO Collective contains over 600 curated and contributed articles across all five of these categories, a number that grows by 400 to 500 each month. Its design includes subsections dedicated to Feature Articles, Additional Stories, Research Reports, and Videos, enabling CISOs to drill down into different content form factors. Curated content is carefully reviewed by The CISO Collective editorial team, ensuring that only content useful to a CISO is published.
As part of this process, we steer clear of curating content that could be classified as product hype and promotion and biased and self-serving white papers and eBooks. Additionally, for the 10 to 12 feature articles that we publish each week, we summarize the curated content and spell out specific takeaways for CISOs and/or reasons CISOs will find the content useful. Currently, you can find hundreds of these feature articles on The CISO Collective, a number that will grow into the thousands over time.
Rich in Content
As The CISO Collective editorial team keeps its finger on the pulse of the CISO, the articles we write from scratch are closely honed to the issues most relevant to the CISO. For example, recognizing that headcount budgets are finite and an acute—and a growing—security skills shortage, we developed a CISO Hiring Guide series to aid security leaders in finding, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding security professionals. We’re currently in the process of publishing articles that tie back to the series on The CISO Collective—"New CISO Hiring Guide; Defining and Writing Effective Job Descriptions,” and “New CISO Hiring Guide: Job Posting Strategies for Finding Top Security Talent.”
A few of the other feature articles that The CISO Collective editorial team have written include:
We have a great editorial queue in place and excited about articles that are coming up for publication. Topics include strategies for communicating security to the board of directors, the paucity of female CISOs and what can be done about it, analyses of hard and soft skills across the core security occupations, and much more.
Security leaders can get started today in consuming and benefiting from content on The CISO Collective by subscribing to our newsletter and downloading our mobile app from Apple iTunes or Google Play. It’s truly our hope that by having content in one place, CISOs can tune their craft, becoming more strategic and focused business and technology leaders.
As is the case with any of the content that we create at Fortinet, we welcome the input of security leaders—whether recommendations on additional areas of interest, what you like—or don’t like—about The CISO Collective, or topics you think are worth exploring in future feature articles developed by our editorial staff. 

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