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High SSL Performance Earns FortiGate 5th Consecutive "Recommended" Rating in Latest NSS Labs NGFW Test Results

The unprecedented rate of cloud adoption and growth of SSL traffic is having a massive impact on network security, highlighting the need for performance, effectiveness, and accuracy. The continued adoption of cloud solutions, for instance, has driven the volume of SSL-encrypted traffic to nearly 60%, with that volume expected to rise to 75% in the next year, according to NSS Labs.
While NGFW solutions continue to be the linchpin security technology for the network, in today’s cloud and SSL-centric business environments not all NGFW solutions are created equal. To successfully compete in today’s marketplace, customers must select an NGFW solution that provides high-speed SSL inspection performance combined with industry-leading threat detection and prevention accuracy—especially where high-performance cloud access is required—to ensure that you never have to compromise business performance for security.
Ironically, in spite of the urgent need for such solutions, most NGFW vendors don’t even publish their SSL performance numbers. That's because, for most NGFW solutions, SSL inspection drives performance to their knees. Which is why in this year’s iteration of NSS Labs’ NGFW test methodology SSL inspection was a critical component of solution evaluation.
It’s also why we are so proud of our FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall solution. In this, our 5thconsecutive year of earning NSS Labs’ coveted “Recommended” rating, NSS Labs reported that FortiGate demonstrated high SSL performance combined with 100% accuracy in detecting evasions. Read the full news release.

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