Executives Prioritize Cybersecurity to Safeguard the Customer Experience @radware

The stakes are high. Consumers demand a secure, world-class experience, but implementing new applications and services to deliver that experience puts company and customer data at risk.

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Radware asked C-suite executives from global enterprises to share their views on cybersecurity. Here's what Radware discovered.

Execs are Fearful

  • 66% said a hacker could penetrate their network
  • 38% said their organization was hit with an attack daily or weekly
  • 41% said that their customers took legal action against them after a breach

Ransom is Rampant

  • The majority (69%) reported that their organizations faced ransom attacks in the past year and the majority paid the ransom

Download the report 2018 C-Suite Perspectives: Trends in the Cyberattack Landscape, Security Threats and Business Impacts to learn more about how executives are prioritizing cybersecurity to safeguard the digital experience for the 21st century consumer.

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