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#CenturyLinkForumLatam #CuartaRevolucionIndustrial
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9 lies CIOs tell themselves | CIO

9 lies CIOs tell themselves

See full article in 9 lies CIOs tell themselves | CIO

CIO self-deception #1: We’re aligned with the business.

CIO self-deception #2: The only reason to upgrade software is when a new version provides important business value.

CIO self-deception #3: The big mission-critical project that’s fallen behind schedule? We’ll catch up in the next phase and deliver it on time.

CIO self-deception #4: We’re doing ITIL.

CIO self-deception #5. We’re doing agile.

CIO self-deception #6. We’re doing devops.

CIO self-deception #7: We have a customer service culture.

CIO self-deception #8: Our information security is tight.

CIO self-deception #9. Our IT governance processes make sure we only undertake high-business-value projects.

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