@SearchCIO Digital transformation projects cry out for a human touch #TransformacionDigital

Don't do digital for digital's sake, CIOs and industry observers say -- solve a business problem. Also: SoftBank grabs Boston Dynamics; Apple launches Siri-powered HomePod.

NEW YORK -- At your next tech convention, try playing this daytime, IT variation on a classic college drinking game: Every time you hear the term digital transformation, take a sip of coffee. You'll be awake until self-driving cars outnumber ones driven by humans -- that is, for years.

Michael Herman, of New York consulting outfit KPMG, challenged several hundred IT leaders gathered in a gleaming midtown tower on Tuesday to think differently about their digital transformation projects.

"What really is digital transformation?" Herman asked at the Argyle CIO Leadership Forum. Is it every digital initiative underway at organizations today, from building a mobile app to moving IT operations to the cloud?

"Or is it an enabler around, 'We need to get more intimate with our customers; we need to understand our business better?'"

Digital transformation can be a powerful force in business, government and society, leading to wholly recrafted products and services, CIOs and industry watchers attested at the event. But without a strong tie-in to business needs, it's merely a solution in search of a problem.

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