@OracleHCM From Theory to Action - A Practical Look at What Really Drives Employee Engagement

In the world of HR, many of us talk about employee engagement, and the intrinsic link between engagement and productivity is well understood. But how many of us truly understand the reasons why? And do we truly recognize just how important it is to the HR department and the business as a whole?

We may have a grasp of what it means, what an engaged employee looks like, and even a decent
idea of how it can be improved. But do we really understand its complexity, and fully comprehend
all of the interconnected factors that come together to drive and influence it? And more importantly,
do we fully understand them in the context of the modern, technologically enabled workplace?
We’d like the answer to both of those questions to be a resounding yes.

So although plenty has been written about engagement, very few people have attempted to fully visualize and explain the science behind it, and explore all of its implications for the modern HR department, business, and workplace. We thought it was time that changed.


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