@jvrdel @QuadionTech Nearshoring in the Americas: The Rise of Argentina

In today’s technological and information management landscape, the need for outsourcing IT developments is a constant. However, outsourcing is not the same as nearshoring.
The latter implies a greater closeness between the client and the partner in terms of business mindset, culture, technical skills and timezone.
When working with integrated teams, being able to match the whole team’s working hours is as vital to operational success as the correct use of limited resources.

The CIO’s Challenge

The CIO’s desk is covered with complex tasks and scarce resources. Though not the only ones, talent, money and time are usually at the top of every list.
Hiring talent from very different time zones is often the result of a tight budget, which may end up in a serious complication for IT decision makers.
The so called “Where are you? Syndrome” (in which part of the development team sleeps while the rest of the team works) typically generates hidden costs and delays in the project due to poor team communication.
Dissimilar time zones make it hard to get by on weekly or daily basis. Unproductive late night conference calls (or calls before dawn), inability to get hold of a developer when discussing key architectural issues, absence of feedback at the right time, or lack of rapport, are some of the elements which conspire in the creation of technical debt which snowballs as the project grows in size and complexity.
The right use of agile frameworks, development tools, time and operative efficiency can only be achieved when client and partner work on the same page, not only on proceedings and objectives, but also on the same time zone.

What Argentina Has to Offer

Argentina is just one hour away from the US Eastern Seashore.
In practice, it means no difference at all, as team’s woking hours can be easily accommodated so there is no time difference between Buenos Aires and Eastern and Central USA. Pacific time requires an extra effort in syncing clocks, but it usually translates in less hassle than what our Pacific Coast clients experience when interacting with the East Coast.
Having this advantage in mind, Argentina presents a highly talented software development team, along with C-level executives and managers, available at any regular working hour in the US.
Less stress during working hours means less effort and complications to move on with the project. Hence, higher efficiency and effectiveness of the whole team.
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