@BT_UK The BT CIO report 2016

CIOs are clear on the three most disruptive technology trends – cloud, mobility and
collaboration, and data. Reflecting the level of transformation within companies around the world, a fifth of organisations surveyed already describe themselves as completely cloud-centric. Without exception, every CIO considers the digitisation of business to be a personal priority – whether it’s disruptive new revenue streams, digital elements to customer experience, or the transformation of internal processes. And as a result, CIOs are measuring the success of their organisation against different KPIs compared to 12 months ago. Many business leaders from outside of IT are leading the charge for digital transformation. Indeed almost a fifth of IT spending will come from outside of the IT function within the next two years. The relationship between IT and the increasingly empowered end-user is more complex. However, CIOs are not threatened by this and see it as an opportunity for IT to work better in partnership with other parts of the business. As champions of positive change, CIOs are seeing their IT function become a key enabler across the business. The IT team’s new role sees it adapt to allow the business freedom while ensuring data security, robust infrastructure and efficiencies of scale across the organisation. Today’s CIO is strategic, creative, growthminded and cost conscious. Understanding both technology and people, and balancing control with empowerment. The most successful CIOs are embracing change rather than resisting it. The digital CIO is one of the most demanding roles in business.

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