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#Informe @AV_Comparatives Anti_Virus Comparatives 2015

Annually we release a summary report that collates the results of the various tests. We then give awards and comment on product abilities.

The Product of the Year award goes to the vendor whose software performed best overall in the main test series. Finally, a number of products which reached a very high overall standard are given the Top Rated award. The Summary Reports also include individual reviews of each of the programs tested by AV-Comparatives in the main test series. The reviews cover the program’s user interface and everyday tasks such as updating and scanning, to give readers an idea of what the software is like to use in real life, and how well-suited it is to both expert and non-expert users.

La comunidad se sustenta de los aportes de los integrantes, que basados en sus conocimientos y experiencias, le permiten al resto mejorar su nivel académico y profesional.

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