@Google ’s Green Data Centers: Network POP Case Study

Every year, Google saves millions of dollars and avoids emitting tens of thousands of tons of .carbon dioxide thanks to our data center sustainability efforts. In fact, our facilities use half the energy of a typical data center. This case study is intended to show you how you can apply some .of the cost-saving measures we employ at Google to your own data centers and networking rooms.
At Google, we run many large proprietary data centers, but we also maintain several smaller networking rooms, called POPs or “Points of Presence”. POPs are similar to millions of small and medium-sized data centers around the world. This case study describes the retrofit of one of .these smaller rooms, describing best practices and simple changes that you can make to save thousands of dollars each year.

For this retrofit, Google spent a total of $25,000 to optimize this room’s airflow and reduce air conditioner use. A $25,000 investment in plastic curtains, air return extensions, and a new air conditioner controller returned a savings of $67,000/year. This retrofit was performed without any operational downtime.

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