#CES2016 The ultimate proving ground for innovation

We’ve worked hard to shine a light on groundbreaking startups. Since 2012, we've showcased more than 800 early and mid-stage startups on the show floor in the Eureka Park and University Innovations Marketplaces and dozens more during our global CES Unveiled events.
Our platform allows new and growing companies to introduce and market their technologies to influential media, key investors and potential collaborators. With access to more than 3,000 financial professionals, the number of CES success stories grows every year. View the startup schedule and maximize your CES experience. 

On the Show Floor

Discover the future of tomorrow, or showcase your latest innovation,  in these unique Marketplaces:
  • Eureka Park, presented by National Science Foundation and Techstars; featuring concentrated exhibits from startups originating in France and Israel
  • ​Eureka Park Lounge, presented by Arlington Economic Development
  • University Innovations​
  • Visit our Eureka Park Leaderboard and see the exhibitors who have raised over $1 billion since Eureka Park started in 2012

Events and Networking

Gain access to the financial community through a pitch competition or network with tomorrow’s rising stars and leading investors.

Conference Programming

At CES, we deliver thought-provoking content and educational sessions, including:

Media Engagement

With more than 6,000 media eager to cover “what’s next,” our startup-centric activations become the most coveted destinations. See who’s maximized their CES experience to secure valuable media coverage on-site and post-CES.

Mentoring at CES

We know that to be successful, startup founders need to ask questions and gain insight from industry leaders. Pre-CES, we encourage startups to take advantage of our insightful webinars to get you ready for the show.

During CES, we partner with some of technology's brightest minds to offer office hours at the Startup Stage in Eureka Park for dedicated one-on-one time. CTA members also receive additional mentorship opportunities throughout the year.

Partner Resources

We establish strategic partnerships with the leaders in the startup community to rally support, build awareness and ignite innovation. Get the details on who these partners are and how they can help you.

Business Tools 365 Days a Year

CTA, the trade association representing the technology industry and the owner and producer of CES, provides programming, public policy advocacy and more all year long as part of our Startup Membership. Find out more about how CTA supports startup companies beyond CES – and join us to take advantage of these exciting benefits:

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