@FaradaySec WELCOME FARADAY V1.0.12!

Let's give a warm welcome to Faraday v1.0.12 (Community, Pro & Corp)!

After 5 weeks of hard work we are very happy to announce that the new version is published. This iteration was spent mostly on refactoring the code we already had, making it better and stronger.

However, we managed to introduce three new features as well - vulnerability database based on CWE, Debian 8.1 support and Workspace Progress visualization.

With CWE integration you can now search the database and create a vulnerability directly from it.

We included the file $faraday/data/cwe.csv, which is the default database based on CWE. You can edit it to add your own vulnerabilities.

In order to start using the database in the server you have to run $faraday/pushCwe.py to upload it to CouchDB.

If you modify the CSV please don't forget to run the script again to upload your changes to the server.

Added a visualization to see Workspace Progress


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