Internet Society - Global Internet Report 2015

The Internet Society’s mission is the Internet for everyone. Today there are more than 3 billion people online, and mobile access to the Internet will be instrumental in bringing the next billion people online.

Mobile phone service, which is now available to more than 90% of the global population, represented a significant leap-frog in co untries where there was no fixed service before, and it was adopted at a breathtaking rate. Upgrading networks to offer mobile Internet is an incremental step that is being adopted even faster than mobile telephony before it.

Accessing the mobile Internet is not just a matter of unplugging our laptops, however – we use smartphones and tablets with a range of features and sensors not available or needed in a traditional computer. These enable us to take and share videos; learn a trade and improve our livelihoods; help with our fitness and personal safety; and contribute to countless other activities. These new features are accessed through apps, not browsers, which is evolving how people use the Internet.

I am pleased to launch this second annual Global Internet Report, which continues to provide integrated analysis and reporting, with a focus this year on the mobile Internet. The report explores mobile Internet availability, affordability, and relevance to potential users, and highlights opportunities as well as challenges to ensure all users can enjoy the full benefits of mobile access to the open Internet.

I commend our Chief Economist, Michael Kende, for his vision and expertise in developing this report, and thank all the contributors who shared their time and insights.
We hope that this Global Internet Report series continues to contribute to the progress of Internet development.

Kathy Brown, President and CEO

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