CISCO: Cloud Computing - Changing the Role and Relevance of IT Teams

The Internet of Everything is taking shape all around us. People, processes, data, and things are becoming more connected, and the power of those connections is creating new opportunities and richer experiences. We’re moving into a services on demand
economy, and it’s redefining what IT can bring to a business.

Imagine an IT team that’s less reactive and more proactive, less tactical and more strategic. An organization that anticipates business needs, makes proactive recommendations, and supports new requests and opportunities with speed and efficiency - becoming partners with the lines-of-business.

The truth is, companies are already looking to IT to be more strategic and influential. IT organizations are focusing on supporting growth, boosting revenue, advancing innovation, and delivering new customer experiences. Their mission is no longer about managing and troubleshooting technology. It’s about transforming business processes and driving new business outcomes.

Learn to:
- Enabling The Internet of Everything
- Driving Business Agility Through the Intercloud
- The Clouds New Role in Product Creation

This Free Cisco whitepaper explores the technologies which are enabling these transitions today.

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