Twelve Companies: Changing the Data Centre (by IDG Connect)

Every year sees the emergence of new technologies that disrupt the status quo of the enterprise data centre. Disruption implies changes to existing practices - something that needs to have significant cost/benefit savings in order to be adopted. As 2015 unfolds, we are seeing a number of new technologies that have significant disruption potential.

These include:
- All-Flash & Hybrid Storage Arrays – shared storage based either solely on NAND flash technology or using flash to deliver
performance boosts at the price of spinning media
- Hyper-convergence – the melding of storage and compute into a single form factor
- Containers – thin and efficient application deployment
- Cloud Storage – solutions for moving data efficiently into public clouds

Many of these solutions come from new upstarts looking to challenge the established players in the market. For many, the aim is to reach IPO and be acquired – others are hoping to be the next NetApp or EMC and have no desire to be subsumed into a larger mother ship. In this special report for IDG Connect Chris M. Evans discusses some of the companies delivering disruptive technology and analyses the likely future state of the enterprise data centre.

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