DataScienceCentral: 14 Timeless Reference Books

These books have been published and re-published in the last 10 year. Most of them are encyclopedias, yet they are extremely useful resources for the data science beginner or expert. Just like top restaurants, they come with a steep price. I did not include two encyclopedias (each with 10+ volumes) that sell for over $5,000 because I felt they were truly overpriced. Also, I have just published a new book, entitled Applied Stochastic Processes (that one is free.)
The books below are listed in random order, and cover data science, computer science, machine learning, and related topics .
  1. Handbook of Fitting Statistical Distributions with R - CRC Press, 1,718 pages
  2. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques
  3. Pattern Recognition
  4. The Elements of Statistical Learning
  5. Handbook of Computational Statistics
  6. International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science (3 volumes)
  7. Handbook of Engineering Statistics - Springer, 1,120 pages
  8. Encyclopedia of Machine Learning  - Springer, 1,030 pages
  9. Encyclopedia of Mathematics- CRC Press, 3,242 pages
  10. Methods of Multivariate Statistics
  11. Handbook of Natural Language Processing
  12. The Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook - Springer, 1,383 pages
  13. Computer Science Handbook - CRC Press, 2,752 pages
  14. Numerical Recipes - Cambridge University Press
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