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@Gartner_Inc First 100 Days of a Chief Data Officer #BigData

By 2019, 90 percent of large organizations will have a chief data officer (CDO), yet only half will be hailed a success. Any new job is challenging, especially when it’s a new role in the organization. So how to begin?

The first 100 days constitute a “honeymoon” period. Within this brief period the CDO must establish themselves and create perceptions that others will associate with their subsequent actions.

Debra Logan, vice president and Gartner Fellow, said that preparing, and communicating, a clearly phased plan is critical. “You may be the first CDO in your company, and you’ll need to work hard to give the role credibility while coaching business leaders on how data can support their goals,” Ms. Logan said.

Gartner breaks down the CDO’s objectives into a 100 day roadmap. Each phase includes critical target outcomes, actions and resources, as well as some optional ideas to consider as time and resources allow.

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