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@IDGconnect Can teachers be replaced by algorithms?

Put aside the fact that most teachers would probably welcome the idea of a robot teaching their class at certain times and think for a minute whether or not it would actually be the right thing to do? Certainly in most educational establishments the role of the teacher is more than just a purveyor of facts. Part social worker, part carer and part psychological mentor, the average teacher generally has a lot on his or her plate but that’s also part of the skill. Could a robot actually do this job and succeed?
The whole ‘robots of the future taking jobs’ scenarios are coming thick and fast these days. Back in February, Professor Moshe Vardi of Rice University in the US said that intelligent and semi-intelligent autonomous systems "will march into our society" in the next two to three years. In 30 years most jobs will have been taken over by robots, he says.

In 2013 Oxford University academics Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne released a paper, The Future of Employment, containing a list of occupations with an automation probability score. Teachers of all shades ranked low, except for teaching assistants, which came in with a probability score of 0.56 per cent compared to the number one most likely profession, telemarketers at 0.99 per cent. So maybe it’s not teachers that need to be worried but their assistants?

“A robot teacher certainly captures the imagination – part of a hyper-efficient future or a dystopian nightmare,” says Joe Mathewson, co-founder at UK online learning tools firm Firefly. “It’s no secret that technology and the modern classroom go hand-in-hand, and robots in different guises are already part of education, such as South Korea’s ambitious country-wide iRobiQ robot for kindergartens, and in Birmingham, UK, a robot called Nao helps teach children with autism.”

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