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@networkworld : @Google details its vision for the IoT #InternetofThings

At its Ubiquity IoT Developer Summit yesterday, Google presented a complete vision of the Internet of Things that consists of open source code and designs that are ready for prototype and pilot projects.

Machine learning to teach IoT networks to behave intelligently
If This Then That (ITTT) rule engines have been applied to controlling and integrating IoT devices. A good example of ITTT might be a thermostat instructed to send a push notification to a user if the house temperature drops below 50 degrees during the day when no one is home.

ITTT works well for many applications, but its recipes are constrained by the complexity of creating rules for larger and larger systems. Google's open source machine learning project Tensorflow gives developers the tools they need to build large, intelligent IoT networks of sensors to do things like smooth the traffic flow through a city, for example.

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