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@CIOonline Experts to IoT makers: Bake in security

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Makers of Internet of things devices need to incorporate security into them during the design phase to make them less of a threat when connected to networks, according to speakers at an IoT security forum.

In addition they need to consider early on what regulations the devices will have to comply with so those requirements can be baked in and not added later when they would be less effective, according to advice delivered at the Security of Things Forum 2015.

Josh Corman, CTO for Sonatype and co-founder of I Am The Cavalry, an industry group urging cyber safety in cars, urged IoT vendors to follow the cavalry’s five-point plan for auto safety.

It encourages: safety from the design phase; encouraging third-party researchers to test systems without threat of legal action; installing data-gathering devices like airplane black boxes to assist forensics; readily downloadable software updates; and segmenting and isolating critical systems from, say, entertainment systems.

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