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IDG: Cloud Supercomputing (part 4): How will it help society?

In this four-part series we consult a panel of 12 experts to determine the role of cloud supercomputing now and in the future. Part four looks at the impact this is likely to have on society.

“Mostly in a positive sense as far as I can see. It implies more and better resources available, more easily to more people. The only down side is when ‘bad actors’ obtain access to these powerful capabilities and use them for anti-social purposes.”

“The availability of supercomputing by the hour will create the possibility to solve problems which were previously uneconomic. Along with all the technology acceleration in the world, accessible supercomputing keeps us moving towards a world envisioned in Neuromancer.”

“Cloud computing will bring high performance solutions out of the research labs and large corporates and into the mainstream. Through the cloud anyone will be able to dial up high performance cloud services on demand, enabling smaller businesses to analyse large amounts of data. Once the current barrier of accessing high performance cloud is breached, access to cloud supercomputing will be democratised. This could have a significant impact on areas such as medicine, where on demand cloud supercomputing can help scientists tailor medicine to patients’ genetic make-up as genomes can be sequenced faster and more efficiently.”

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